Welcome to ELEVES - a bespoke Executive Education Platform. Created with the aim to partner you in achieving the future career you seek.
As digital tools & technology disrupt businesses & open up new career opportunities, the future of work is being redefined and any working professional today needs to plan ahead to ensure that they not only remain relevant but thrive in these future opportunities.
ELEVES is your platform to grow & build capabilities that are critical for the future.
All by leveraging the combined power of Community, Content and Courses, all focused on the future of different domains.


We are a platform built & nurtured by business leaders, who recognize the new dynamics of businesses and the critical need to help professionals upskill themselves. Each of our Courses are 100% designed & delivered by domain experts, professionals who understand the needs of the market and therefore build courses designed exactly for that need.


In a world that is evolving at an unprecedented rate, the future of work is being re-defined.
Keeping pace but also more importantly staying ahead with new capabilities in your domain or adjacent domains, is the real fuel for your career growth.
Upskilling is no longer just a one time action but is a journey that needs to be fueled continuously.
ELEVES offers you a platform designed by the very people who have walked the talk in their respective domain, to enable you on this journey. All with a sole focus on helping you succeed in achieving the future career you seek, by preparing you, today.


At ELEVES we are creating a space for you to connect with like minded professionals, who are also seeking to build capabilities in line with the future of the workplace.

Here you will have:
1. A chance to be a part of various domain specific communities, composed of experts & peers, with a common intent to share knowledge and learn from each other.

2. Access to domain specific content, enabling you with knowledge & news, related to the latest developments in that domain.

3. Most importantly access to exclusive upskilling courses which are designed and delivered 100% by experienced domain experts - experts who are working at the cutting edge of their industry.

Each course is focused on building real world expertise & enabling meaningful upskilling, in areas relevant to the future of your domain.

Eleves is owned by Results & Outcomes LLP.


Registered Address: 1001, 10th Floor, A Wing, Rustomjee Elita, D.N.Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053, Maharastra, India.

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